Our Dance Class Offerings

Ballet / Pointe Dance


Dancers will work on building a solid foundation. Increasing strength and flexibility training through turn out, in a more classical setting. There are many methods of ballet training including Cecchetti, Russian, Balanchine, etc. Our instructors combine many of these methods while training your dancer to have a solid base that carries in to all forms of dance.

Jazz Dance


Dancers will learn movement at an upbeat tempo. Learning to isolate their bodies. Using musicality and individual expression in their movement. Jazz has evolved over the years, classes will study many styles of jazz, classical jazz to jazz funk.

Tap Dance


Dancers will wear tap shoes with metal taps and learn to make percussive sounds. With a big emphasis on musicality and counting music. Tap is a fun way to express movement with syncopated rhythms.

Contemporary Lyrical Dance


Lyrical dance is a combination of ballet/jazz. Expression through soft movements to music where the lyrics of the song play a big role in the emotion of the dance.

Contemporary dance is a combination of modern/lyrical style dance. Using the fusion of strength, fluidity and floor work to create shapes and creativity.

Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop

Street dance primarily performed to upbeat/current music. Incorporating a range of styles including used in the hip hop culture.



Dancers will learn tumbling skills and proper execution of these skills.



Dancers will work on pom technique and skills that will help them prepare for Dance Team.


Musical Theater

Musical Theater classes will work on theatrical performance along with their dance skills rooted in the diverse history of Broadway! Senior Heels/Musical Theater will practice in character shoes.


Strength and Stretch

Dancers will learn strength and stretching techniques with our instructors who are certified in the Alixa Flexibility program. This technique is a progressive & proven method designed to teach flexibility safely & effectively.